Digital Radiology

X-rays for your pet is a common diagnostic tool used in medicine, digital radiology is a less common but preferred method that we use at our practice.  Digital radiography are essentially digital X-rays, but they are taken and developed in a fraction of the time it takes to complete traditional film X-rays.

Exposing your pet to less radiation makes this process inherently safer.

Within minutes the images are sent to our computers in our exam rooms. Our doctors will be able to magnify and sharpen the images making the diagnosis that may be missed with regular film radiology. The images then become a permanent part of your pet’s medical record. They may be copied to a disk or sent by email for consultation with a specialist.


What is Digital Radiology?

Instead of using film, cassettes and intrusive developing chemicals, our animal hospitals all use a digitized system that is more precise, more easily archived and recalled, and it produces faster and clearer results in a shorter amount of time compared to old-fashioned x-ray machines that depended on film.

Pets can be anesthetized to better handle the procedure, or your pet can be given a local injection and remain awake. We will discuss both options and which is the best choice for your pet.

We use our digital radiology equipment for dental x-rays, hip dysplasia, diagnosing bone problems, lung problems, and a myriad of other conditions. When using the digital platform for dental procedures, we’re able to see below the gum’s surface to determine if there’s an abscess, or if the teeth are pulling away from the gums.