Behavior Services

behavior-services-dog-gradDoes your dog, cat, bird or ferret have a behavior problem? At Animal and Bird Hospital of Clearwater, we understand how frustrating animal behavioral problems can be, and can help you to understand and CHANGE your pet's behavior. Our team has successfully treated many animals with serious behavior problems, and can help your pet too.

Animal and Bird Hospital of Clearwater specializes in serious behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, fear, and other unwanted behaviors. Our goal is to improve your satisfaction and relationship with your pet.

One key to getting the best behavior from your dog is to talk to us about puppy training. If your puppy learns early it will greatly increase the likelihood that they will be well-behaved as an adult.

Cat behavior can be tamed as well, and again, working on behavior training is best the earlier you and your cat or kitten can start. 

We offer:

  • Medical and behavioral evaluation of your pet's problem (s)
  • Diagnosis, prognosis and safety assessment
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Regular follow-up and ongoing support

pdfDog Behavior History Form
pdfCat Behavior History Form